John Cusick's Jazz City
quintet live at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage.
Alvin Trask - trumpet, flugel horn
Gene Okonski - piano
ken Hall - guitar
Eric Wheeler - bass
John Cusick - drums


Soulservice – Sandcastles (2003)
Play mp3 Port 40
by William Knowles

Mark G. Prince - Drums
Dr. Arthur C. Dawkins - Flute
Mark Z. Saltman - Bass
William Knowles - Piano
Alvin F. Trask - Trumpet, Flugel Horn

Play mp3 Sandcastles
by Mark Saltman
Play mp3 Chicken & Whiskey
by William Knowles
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The Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra – A Work In Progress (2000)
Play mp3 Alvin "The Terrible"
by Thad Wilson

Soulservice – Dreamcatcher (1998)  
Play mp3 In the Land of ahh...
by William Knowles
Mark G. Prince - Drums
Charles Langford - Tenor Sax
Mark Z. Saltman - Bass
William A. Knowles - Piano
Alvin F. Trask - Trumpet
Play mp3 Starch
by William Knowles

Federal Focus Jazz Band – Renewing The Tradition (1991)  
Play mp3 Panama
By William H. Tyers
Alvin F. Trask - Trumpet
Dave Robinson - Cornet
Brian Harper - Clarinet, Soprano Sax
Rachel McCarthy - Piano
Jim Misa - Trombone, Vocals
Kevin Palacky - Banjo, Guitar
David Joyce - Tuba
Dave Miller - Drums
Mike Curtis - Drums
Play mp3 Live recording:
Grandpa's Spells
by Jelly Roll Morton

Additional Discography  
  Pan American Symphony Orchestra and Big Band “Live” (1999 )
  Kwelismith – “Secret Meeting, Kwanzaa Songs and City Sounds” (1999)
Anacostia Repertory Company
  Clint Holmes – “Edges” IEP 440007 IEP Record Group (1994 )
  Howard University Jazz Ensemble – “HUJE 90”, MCD-813 (1990)


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